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10 of the best: Reasons we love working in theatre

Posted by Curtain Call on 7 Sep, 2018

Sometimes it's important to remind yourself of the great things about working in theatre. Here are a few of them


We put a call out on Twitter and Facebook asking for suggestions using the hashtag #WhyILoveTheatre. We were astonished by the number of respondents, and deeply moved by some of the replies. Here, we round up our favourites... (contributors are credited at the bottom)

1. 'The community. My theatre family. I am a difficult person to be around sometimes... I’m so very appreciative of my theatre tribe who accept me, laugh at/with me, give me opportunities to use my talent for good rather than annoying evil, and who are just as kooky as I am... As someone who has a scattered, complicated family, I have relied on my theatre tribe more than anyone else in my adult life.'

2. 'I absolutely adore how people who have done theatre are adaptive, observant and ready to problem solve.'


3. 'The goofs during rehearsals that only the cast and crew know about; and the food at intermission (our wardrobe mistress is a motherf***ing queen).'

4. 'When I saw my first show, it was the most magical thing I’d ever seen or experienced. The idea of being able to give that to someone else is the best.'


5. 'Escapism - to be transported to another world where you laugh, cry, fall in love or hate the characters you see and meet. To be entertained by the magic that is created in front of you. Be it a musical or play I appreciate the hard work and dedication of everyone - not just those on stage but the many people you don't ever see whose goal it is to give a couple hours of entertainment.'

6. 'That I get to be someone else for a few hours, not the socially awkward, anxiety-ridden, depressed me.'


7. 'When the hardest part of the show tech-wise goes right.'

8. 'After all the months of hard work, when you see the lights and the set all together for the first time and it's magic.'

'I just love looking at the theatres; the design can go from meh to WOW!'


9. 'The hundreds of hairpins you suddenly have.'

10. 'How everyone is like a second family that you can be completely whacky and honest with.'

With thanks to (in no particular order): Sarah Jensen, Trevor Baughan, Sarah Whitaker, Nicky Lefebvre, Jessica Curtis, Ashley Sanders, Adam Mustill, Cain Arthur Drouin, Holly Jackson, Helen Elizabeth Newton

All photos © Matt Humphrey for Curtain Call

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