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10 Reasons to Go Pro and Upgrade your Account

Posted by Matt Humphrey & John Schwab on 27 Mar, 2018

Welcome to Curtain Call - the platform for all theatre professionals. This is the only network where shows, theatres and profiles link to one another, giving you the opportunity to show who you have worked with, not just who you have worked for.

If you're considering upgrading your account, you might find this helpful, plus there's a reward if you get to the end!

Here are a few good reasons on how an upgrade to a Pro account can benefit you:


1. Supercharge your Network – make it work for You

We know how important your network is to you. After all, it is yours. You've created it through your work. A Pro account enables you to connect with and message others you have worked with via messaging, and grow your network. It's a direct channel to others in the industry - and with hundreds joining Curtain Call every week, that's a lot of potential networking.

2. Paid-only, Quality, Verified Jobs

Hard work should be rewarded and we know that paid work is important to our members. So the jobs featured on our Jobs Board are "paid only" acting and backstage jobs. Our rigorous filter ensures they must conform to Equity, BECTU and minimum wage standards. 

3. Make Your Profile Pop

A Curtain Call Pro profile is the only profile you will ever need.  And the only one that will link your credits with other credits on the site. We've seen our competitor's profile pages. We weren't impressed. We know what you’ve been missing. Our pro account enables you to unlock a whole new aesthetic for your profile, add unlimited photos and media files and fully showcase your career in a portfolio that is fully exportable. 

4. It's Affordable

As members of the industry ourselves, we know how expensive it can be to create online profiles and join professional organisations, because we are members of them. So we've made our Pro membership just £60 per year (or £5 per month). 

5. Innovative New Tools built for you

We know you need more than just a network. How do we know? Because we asked you. So we've created a suite of tools that cater for all professionals, working onstage and backstage. From audition scheduling to show reports to an on-the-go "notebook", a Pro membership will save you valuable time and effort.

6. Advanced Search – Find, and be found

You need to be found. And people need to find you. Our amazing new advanced search function - available only to Pros - enables you to comb our database with pinpoint precision. Wondering which actors have worked with a particular director? Or who stage managed that scene change? No problem. Need other people to know who you've worked with? No problem.

7. Join the future

Curtain Call is a revolutionary platform for the theatre industry and we want you to be part of it. It's the only network that connects ALL theatre professionals, whether working onstage or backstage. Become a Pro member and let us help lift your theatre career to new heights.

8. We've Got Your Back

If you have a problem, we are here. That means that if you ever need help all you have to do is get in touch with any of the team at and we will be there to guide you through - whether it's uploading your reel or adding your latest credit. We're a friendly bunch, so drop us a line any time. 

9. We Know You, Because We Are You

Everyone that works at Curtain Call is a theatre professional – from the co-founders to the Social Media Manager and the entire Database Team.  We have built Curtain Call as something that we wanted to, and do, use ourselves. With every new function, every new job posted and every new exclusive created it is done with you – the theatre professional – in mind.  

10. #takeyourbow

At Curtain Call, we believe that everyone that works on a production should have the opportunity to take a bow. We're ready for you to take yours. Join us, and be more than a list of credits. Upgrade today and take your bow with the rest of us (this is just a metaphor, so if bowing is not your thing, that's cool too).


How to upgrade

1. Log in at (Or sign up if you aren't yet a member)



2. From your dashboard, click on UPGRADE NOW



3. Select PRO account



If you have a PROMO code - now's the time to use it...

 HOTTER THAN JULY SUMMER SPECIAL - Upgrade before July 31st 2018, and get a further 10% off a Pro Account, using the Promo Code JULY10


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