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Simon Beaufoy Invests in Curtain Call

Posted by Theo Bosanquet on 14 Dec, 2018

Academy Award ® winning screenwriter views networking platform Curtain Call as a game-changer


Simon Beaufoy, the writer of ‘The Full Monty’, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and creator of FX/BBC series ‘Trust’ has invested in Curtain Call – a technology platform rooted in the theatre industry.

The investment is part of a wider fundraising initiative, and will assist Curtain Call in achieving its goal to build a global platform that serves all stage and screen professionals – onstage, and backstage.

Simon Beaufoy said: “Curtain Call provides a one-stop shop for crewing and casting. It’s a fantastic resource helping put the people who work in our industry in charge of their own destiny.”

Matt Humphrey (co-founder, Curtain Call) said: “We are thrilled to be working with Simon and involve him within this investment round – his work speaks for itself and he is a hugely respected name within the Film, TV and Theatre industries. We’re creating a platform that adds value to the hundreds of thousands of people working in all these industries – and that really resonated with him, which is a great validation for us. As an investor, he is a perfect fit.”

The fundraising marks a new phase of development for the networking platform – which connects users through shared projects and is free to join. Network effects are evident and membership has doubled in the last 12 months as users sign up to access paid-only jobs and explore opportunities for collaboration.

ED STOPPARD, Actor: "It’s like IMDb meets LinkedIn for theatre - I love it.”

KATE PLANTIN CDG, Casting Director:  “Curtain Call is a resource the industry has needed for years.”

About Curtain Call: Founded by two theatre professionals, John Schwab (actor) and Matt Humphrey (photographer), Curtain Call is built on the belief that everyone should take a bow for their work – whether onstage or behind the scenes. The pair have spent hundreds of hours speaking with thousands of professionals about working within the industry, and published their photography book exploring this world in 2016. The multi-functional platform uniquely reflects the same ethos of collaboration and teamwork.


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